Sunday, January 24, 2016

Boston Trans Girl Pays "Where's MY Book?" the Best Compliment Ever!

From Jacqui Beck's Gender Personal Exhibit,
and the cover of "Where's MY Book?"

I had a wonderful - albeit a little crazy - opportunity to speak and sell books ("'Where's MY Book?' A Guide for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth, Their Parents, & Everyone Else") at Boston's First Event Conference yesterday. The arrival of Winter Storm Jonas made things a little dicey - but it all worked out.

Without parallel, the most amazing event for me was this: as I was beginning my talk about the development and need for my book, a fourteen-year-old trans girl said she'd been given this really helpful book that explained everything...not realizing she was describing 'Where's MY Book?' - the book I wrote! People asked if she was a "plant!" (No, not a plant - but a marvelous endorsement, for which I am most grateful.)

While I had only about six hours to spend at the conference, I had fun with my talk, met some great people, connected with folks from "Welcoming Schools," Camp Aranu'tiq, GenderMystic, and a whole host of really committed, good-hearted souls who care about kids!
I sold a bunch of books, and raffled off three. Our drawing winners were two enthusiastic trans youth, and Jeanette from GenderMystic (whose help in using the "Square" device for high tech commerce was enormously appreciated!). Thanks also to leader Carol Caravana.

Thank you, First Event, and to my "plant" for a great experience that warmed my heart!

Take care,
Linda Gromko, MD

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