Saturday, October 31, 2015

New Transgender Book is Born

There's nothing like picking up the first copies of a newly born book! Writing Where's MY Book? A Guide for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth, Their Parents & Everyone Else has been a labor of love.

Having worked with transgender clients for almost eighteen years, I have long recognized the need for credible information - particularly for young people. But even for people who've already transitioned years ago, this is the puberty book you never had!

This book is enormously enhanced by the artwork of Jacqui Beck - many of the paintings in this book come from her Gender Personal Exhibit (

One of my favorite paintings of Seattle artist,
Jacqui Beck: "Forget the Glass Slipper"

I rated the book "R for Realistic." We use real words, and show real anatomic illustrations. Too much realism? I don't think so. The people I treat have already been all over the Internet!

The book will be available shortly on, and in e-Book formats through Kindle and Nook.

Take care,
Linda Gromko, MD